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Saurolophus in the Cretaceous Period

Saurolophus (SAW-ruh-LOW-fuss Meaning Crested Lizard) is a genus of a Hadrosaurine (duckbill) that lived about 69.5-68.5 million years ago, in the Late Cretaceous Period of North America and Asia; it is one of the few genera of dinosaurs known from multiple continents. It is distiguished by spike-like crest which projects up and back from the skull. Saurolophus was a herbivorous dinosaur which could move about either bipedally of quadrupedally. The type-species, S.osborni, was described by Barnum Brown in 1912 from Canadian fossils. A second valid species S. angustirostris, is represented by numerous specimens from Mongolia,

  • Saurolophus Skeleton
  • Saurolophus (Green crest) in Dinosaur King
  • Saurolophus in the Cretaceous Period