Velociraptor the speedy theif robber
Velociraptor (vel-LOSS-uh-RAP-tor meaning Speedy Thief) was a genus of a dromaeosaurid theropod
dinosaurs. They were known as raptors. It had binocular vision, killing claws, and long snout. It stood 2 meters (6 feet) tall. Velociraptor mongoliensis was found in Mongolia, Russia, and China and was found by Osborn in 1924. Velociraptor also appeared in the Jurassic Park movies.

More Real Life Information: Velociraptor at Wikipedia

  • Velociraptor Skeleton
  • Male Raptor in The Lost World: Jurassic Park
  • Velociraptor in Jurassic Park III
  • Velociraptor Skull
  • Raptors can actually pounce by the way
  • Velociraptor as it appears in Jurassic Park III
  • Raptors in Jurassic Park III
  • Velociraptor attacking Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Raptor Claw
  • A Raptor pair in Jurassic Park III
  • Velociraptor Size Scale
  • Dinosaur Planet Velociraptors

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